They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes When They Saw What Was Happening… Now I’m In Tears.

Someone driving by decided to throw a cat our of their vehicle directly into the flood waters of ‘Little Blue River.’ They were horrified and heartbroken, but thankfully they stepped up and did something!

With help from firefighters, they were able to save the poor cat.  [Scroll down for both videos]

We can’t believe anyone could be so inhumane and do such a unkind thing.  The cat would have drowned if it hadn’t been for some kind passerby’s and the local fire fighters…

“We had a concerned citizen come into our building. They saw a cat go flying out of (a vehicle’s) window, that someone tossed it straight out of the window and into the five feet of water,” Via: Deena Miller of Jackson County Animal Control.

After the cat plummeted into the raging waters below, he swam up stream against the current to a branch where he was able to climb onto for safety until the firefighters came to help!

The cat was named ‘Scuba Steve’ after being rescued.

After being rescued, “He just clawed right out of the net and into our arms”. ‘Scuba Steve’ is now available for adoption.

Watch ‘Scuba Steve’ being rescued by Jackson County Fire Department:

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