They Created A ‘Cat Library’ In Their Office for Rescue Kitties. Employees Have Now Been…

Something amazing is happening at a county government in Southern New Mexico all because of a genius idea that several office workers came up with one day!

It all started when they wanted to come up with a way to help rescue cats and it’s turned into something truly amazing!  They decided to create a ‘cat library’ where office members and others can come and visit the kitties.  They are even allowed to take them back to their desk and play with the kitties.

“My work has a ‘cat library’. You can ‘check out’ a cat to take back to your desk for an hour. The (ginger) kitties are the newest additions to the ‘library’!”


They even setup a cat committee to serve these cute kitties and help them get forever homes.  Its the best cat rescue idea ever!

“From what the chairman of the cat committee (yes, it’s a thing) told me, they were found behind a dumpster with the mama cat. They were brought to the main shelter, and the mama died a couple of days later. The kitties tested negative, but they were brought to us because the last bunch of cats had been adopted, and the condo was empty. That way they were able to be away from the other cats until they got the all clear,” reddit user Loocylooo wrote.


Each day, people purposely come to their building to see the big condo for cats and hang out with them.  Employee satisfaction with work has gone way up as you might have guessed… :)

“The employees get to take them to their desk as a way to get them used to human interaction, and they also found that employee satisfaction went through the roof. Win-win!”

It’s been over a year since the ‘cat library’ has been made and since then over 100 cats and kittens have found forever homes!


“Our building has two floors and over 800 employees work there. My office mate is also highly allergic, so he just doesn’t walk by the condo (it’s a huge lobby)…. I go sit with them in their cat condo during my breaks. It’s the only way I stay productive.”

Anytime someone decides to walk by, the adorable kitties will meow for attention. “It is next to impossible to not at least stop and admire them.”

One of the employees recently walked in and decided they couldn’t resist one of the older kitties during a ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day.’

“I even adopted a slightly older kitty from there after my son fell in love with her during a ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day.’”

Shortly after adopting the cat from the ‘Cat Library’ and giving him a forever home, he’s already found his forever friend, the household dog.


This has to be the BEST place to work!  Not only is employee satisfaction going up, but cat rescue’s are happening every week all because of this ‘Cat Library’

What a genius idea for cat rescue! Just imagine if more office environments were like this?

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