They Found A Frozen Kitten In The Snow, But Hours Later… I Can’t Believe This Happened!

He tripped over something hard in the snow, when he looked down, it was a frozen kitten! He couldn’t believe it, so he took the kitten inside to warm it up… But sadly nothing happened, they assumed the kitten was dead and stopped recording, but hours later something incredible happened…

They couldn’t believe their eyes when they walked in hours later and noticed the lifeless little body was breathing again… It was a miracle!!

They immediately brought the poor frozen kitten inside and started warming the poor cold and lifeless form, but after awhile, they almost gave up…

They didn’t think this kitten would ever live again, but after a few hours, something unbelievable happened… 

“Miraculously, after hours of warmth and care and a little kitty CPR, the little guy came back to life!”

“The kitten is doing great! A cool side story is when my cousin took him to get his shots at the vet she was telling the story of how just a day earlier he was found nearly dead in the snow and someone behind her in line offered to pay for all the medical costs!” Branden told LoveMeow.

They named this kitten Lazarus and he’s doing wonderfully!


You can watch this amazing rescue story below:

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