They Found A Frozen Kitty, But Decided To Warm It Up And Something Miraculous Happened!

Some kind people in Denver Colorado couldn’t resist helping a poor kitten they found that was frozen solid and half covered with snow…

The lifeless form was completely cold and had been in the snow for quite sometime, but thankfully they decided to bring it inside.

Even though they suspected that it was dead, they tried to revive the poor kitty and you’ll never believe what happened.  The kitty started to warm up and finally woke up!

Because the kitty was “frozen” they decided to name it ‘Elsa’ fittingly from the recent movie Frozen. Watch the story:

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(This story is a reminder that you should NEVER leave your cat out side, when the weather starts to get cold. You never know how drastic it can be for them and we truly need to be careful with our loving furry friends)

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