They Found A Kitten In Their Garage, But They Didn’t Expect THIS Would Happen…WOW.

Often kittens who are the runt of the litter don’t make it. The world is against such a tiny ball of fluff.

Yet, occasionally, with the help of loving humans, a tiny kitten can have the heart of a tiger, and survive all odds. See how this tiny little beast fought to survive his injury.

Tiny kitten recovering in the hospital. 

Kitten_on_hospital_bedA family found a kitten alone in their basement garage. But something was wrong. He was screaming, not moving, and leaning to his right side. He was rushed to the vet, where they found that he had a dislocated ligament around the neck.

Receiving the best kitten care. 

Kitten_in_hospitalThis is an injury that would have most humans screaming in pain, yet the tiny kitty tried to get up and walk, without falling. He wouldn’t give up. He received special treatments to help the ligament in his neck to heal. Over the next few days, his recovery improved. He was one fierce tiger in his will to live. He started eating and drinking on his own. He even rolled on his back for playtime.

See, I can stand up on my own!

KItten_at_shelterThe kitten received his own special mini neck brace to help keep his neck steady. He was a good sport about it all. He’d wave his tiny paws in the air to get a human’s attention.

The kitten with his happy owner.

Man_holds_kittenHis owner, Godfrey, said that the kitten was telling them he’d be okay. Godfrey named his kitten Kitty Solo.

All healed up.

Big_eyes_tiny_kittenAfter 24 days, Kitty Solo had his neck brace off. He could now stretch, and walk on his own.

The happy couple. 

Owner_kisses_grownup_catGodfrey gives a kiss to Kitty Solo, who is a happy and heathy cat in his adult age.

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