They Found These Kittens Wrapped Around Their Trembling Sister, Helping To Keep Her Safe

Megan Sobara went to get some ice-cream one day, but shortly after received a message about three kittens that needed help. When she arrived at the scene, she know that these kittens had something wrong.


When she saw the kittens, she saw them all together, the two tabby kittens were lovingly wrapped around the poor scared and trembling sister.  They were trying to keep her safe in a gesture of love and protection.

The poor kittens were huddled together to help protect and comfort their sister.

“Two tabby kittens wrapped around their tiny sibling, who was trembling in their embrace. “I felt like they were protecting her,” Sorbara, president of Naples Cat Alliance, told Love Meow.


After taking a closer look, she noticed that the white kitten who was comforted by the others couldn’t even walk on her own.

She immediately took the poor kitten family to Naples Cat Alliance so they could get the care they needed.

They decided to name tabbies Praline and Pistachio. Their sister who they were comforting was named Coconut!  The kittens are being bottle fed around the clock.  Thankful the two tabbies continue to comfort their sister and wrap themselves around her with soothing purrs.  It’s too adorable for words.


LoveMeow also reported that they are working to find the mama cat and hopefully they can all be reunited soon!

“We have been back every night trying to get mom but she won’t go in the trap,” Sorbara told Love Meow.

Bitsy is Sorbara’s dog, but he’s very special and loves cats no matter what size. LoveMeow reported that he has taken to the little kittens and is volunteering to be their foster mom!

Thankfully Bitsy the dog is helping day and comforts the kittens.  Since this started happening Coconut is getting better each day.  There’s nothing that soothing purrs and a sweet cat loving dog can’t solve!


“Even now they wrap around Coconut.” reported via LoveMeow.  This is just wonderful!


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Story credit Lovemeow, pictures via: NAPLES CAT ALLIANCE.

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