They Heard A Kitten Meowing, So They Started Digging. What They Found Next Broke My Heart…

After hearing a pitiful meowing sound, they started looking and found the sound coming from a very small drainage hole in the ground near their apartments.

They had seen a feral cat and her kittens around the apartments before, but couldn’t even get close because the mother was very fierce and violently protective.

Nobody could even get close enough to help the feral cats, but when they heard this kitten meowing, they knew they had to do something fast!

It was getting darker and darker in the evening and time was passing – they knew if they were going to do something, it had to be quick.

They heard a pitiful ‘meowing’ sound coming from this very small hole.


They knew they had to do something and tried letting rope down in the hole to rescue the kitten, but that wouldn’t work at all, so they decided to do something else…


They were not able to get permission to dig into the pavement, so they decided to let down some food for the poor screaming kitten so he could eat.


The hole was very small, but it was just big enough to let down some food to the poor starving kitten.

They asked the apartment owners again to please let them get to the kitten, but they were not happy about that idea.  They did not want to mess up the road and drainage.

They kept asking and finally after 3 days of trying to convince them, they decided to give in and let them rescue the kitten, on the condition that everything would be fixed on the morning of the 4th day!

They were thrilled that the kitten was still alive and began the difficult work of trying to dig through the extremely tough concrete layers.


It wasn’t easy going, but they could hear the pitiful sound of the trapped kitten even louder now, so they kept going!

They knew it wouldn’t be long until they could rescue him once and for all!


They shoveled piles of dirt, gravel and bricks.


They finally finished to the point where they were able to reach down to grab the kitten…



They were able to retrieve the stuck kitten after over 4 days of coaxing the apartment owners and feeding the wee kitten.  It’s amazing what a little love will do!


This kitten was very thankful that he was loved enough to be rescued – instead of being left to die.  The story gets even better though!


After working hours and hours to save this kitten from near-death, they decided to give him a forever home by adopting him!

cat-stuck-in-hole-11 cat-stuck-in-hole-12

This kitten now has a happy forever family filled with lots of love!


It’s truly amazing to see how kind some people can be.  Even after 4 days of time, money and energy, the rescue was a success and it was all worth it!

It’s always nice to know that some kind people still have a soft heart for animals that are in distress.  Don’t you agree?

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(via: petmart)

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