They Heard Something Rummaging In A Bag, But When Took A Closer Look… The Ending Is Amazing!

Gracie was found rummaging in a bag by a dog on the street. He alerted his human, who found the kitten. Since the kitten was found near Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, the kitten was named Gracie.

A boy and his mom decided to rescue this cute grey and white kitten. But when Gracie met her new brother, little did anyone know that this pair would bond for life, and Gracie would become his furry bodyguard.

Little Kitten, Big Job

1_Boy_with_CatFrom the beginning, the pair bonded. Gracie’s human mom said that the kitten became obsessed with her son. She acted like his bodyguard.

Best Friends Together

2_Boy_Cat_ComputerThe pair love to do everything together. Gracie’s human mom nursed her back to good health. After Gracie had a warm bed to sleep in, plenty of good food, and her warm son to cuddle, she came out of her shell. She loved to watch him play video games. Soon they became best friends.

Can’t Have You Getting Cold

3_Boy_and_Cat_SnoozeGracie loves to be near her human brother whenever he’s home. She acts differently when her friend is home. He can call her name, and she’ll come running like a dog. She doesn’t do that for any of her other human family members.

We Must Rest After that Last Nap

4_Boy_and_Cat_in_BedThe pair play together, and sleep together.

From Bodyguard to Lifeguard

5_Cat_Watches_Boy_in_TubGracie doesn’t like water, but that doesn’t stop her from keeping an eye on her best friend at bath time.

It’s Nap Time When I Say

6_Boy_and_Cat_Lying_DownAny time is always a good nap time.

Best Furiends Forever

7_Boy_and_Cat_CuddleHe adores her as much as she does him.

Gracie All Grown Up

8_Cat_Watches_Over_BoyGracie still loves her brother, even though she grew up faster.

A Long Day of Naps

9_Nap_TimeGracie has been guarding her human since she was a kitten, and her job continues into her adult years.

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