They Let Their Puppy Pick Out The Kitten…And This Is What Happened, Amazing!!

They decided to bring the puppy to the shelter and let him pick out the puppy and the results are just about as cute as it gets…Just wait till you see them together!

It’s such a good idea to let the puppy pick out the kitten, so they’ll be friends right from the beginning…and thats EXACTLY what happened!

Reddit user posted: “What you get when you let your puppy pick out a buddy…”


It almost seems like their lookalike and cuter then ever…But especially together!

“I took the puppy to the shelter and showed her four kittens. These two instantly hit it off. Easy decision on my part,” jumper posse user of reddit said.

“I’ve had cats all my life. Got to a point where I was able to get a puppy and kitten at the same time. My life goal is complete! The pup is Raven and the little hairball is Woodhouse. He thinks he’s people.”

They’re getting along like two peas in a pod and just love being together…Even holding each others paws… :)


These two adorable friends just can’t get enough of each other and love ever minute spent together, I’d say they’re inseparable!


Raven the dog is quite protective of his special little kitty!


“They bring a lot of joy into my life. I just recently moved nine hours away from all my family so having these two has definitely helped.”


Raven the doggy is just having quit chat with favorite kitty named Woodhouse—Whether they’re just hanging out together, or telling each other secrets, these two are the bestest friends ever!!


…And sometimes they even enjoy a tussle together!


But no matter what, they’ve always been the best furiends ever!


It’s impossible to admit, that this match wasn’t made in heaven! :)


It’s a match made in heaven, just priceless—SHARE with your friends! :)

Via reddit user jumperposse

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