They Let This Puppy Choose Which Kitten To Adopt…When You See The Results?? AMAZING.

It’s always an exciting day when a new family member comes home. But you always want your new family to get along with each other.

This one family let their puppy choose a new furiend. It was time for Raven to have a companion. And look who she picked!

He looks just like me!

Dog_cat_modelsThe dog had the choice of four different kittens. She quickly picked one out. The two just clicked. And, they even look alike!

Let’s hold hands. 

Holding_pawsReddit user Jumperposse said that he’d reached the time in his life where he was able to get a puppy and a kitten. It was one of his life’s top goals. Now it’s come true. The pup is named Raven, and the kitten is Woodhouse.

The happy pair share a kiss. 

Dog_and_cat_kissingThe pair settled in fine. After two weeks the puppy would nibble on the kitten’s ears. They also share kissies. The two are inseparable.

Stay away, he’s mine!

Dog_protects_kittenThe dog is protective of her kitten. Jumperposse said that he moved nine hours away from home, but having two great pets helps ease the loneliness.

It’s warm in here.

Dog_and_cat_on_bedThe cat and dog spend all their time together, including nap times.

Okay, here’s what we’ll do.

Kitten_and_pup_hanging_outThe pair hang out together.

Oof, okay you win!

Dog_and_cat_sleepingThey enjoy playing and wrestling together.

What a long hard day!

Dog_and_cat_on_bedNow it’s time for a break!


SleepytimeTogether furever!

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