They Looked Out Their Window, But Couldn’t Believe What They Saw… UNBELIEVABLE.

Reddit user Falloutmike was at his house in Napa Valley, but never expected a kitten to visit. Not only was he a tiny ball of fluffiness, but he wasn’t your ordinary house cat either.

At first glance you’d think that this was your regular domesticated house cat. He had striped markings resembling a tabby cat, whiskers, and sad eyes. But when Mike looked more closely, he realized that this wasn’t someone’s pet. The bobbed tail, long pointy ears, and long legs gave it away. This was a bobcat kitten. And he wanted to check out the guest house to see what was happening inside.

This little kitten is probably the cutest thing he’s ever seen outside his window!

Bobcat_looks_through_windowIt wouldn’t take a cat lover long to notice that this is not a house cat. While the little guy is adorable, he will get bigger.

Can’t I come inside?

Bobcat_looks_through_window_2Mike said he’s never seen a bobcat in person before. With human settlements everywhere now, the bobcat population is dwindling.

Just one more look.

Bobcat_looks_through_window_3Mike stayed safely on the other side of the glass door. He figured the kitten’s mother was nearby. Mike says the cat left after five minutes, but he’ll never forget this unbelievable encounter…

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Via: Lovemeow

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