They Loved And Protected Her When She Was A Baby, But Watch Them Six Years Later! I LOVE This…

These two burmese cats had a new family member come into the household.  When they saw the newborn child Erin, they instinctively kept guard and snuggled to keep the baby warm and safe…

They continued to protect and guard the child throughout the years and would often see the baby and just go over and snuggle together.

However even after 6+ years, they’re inseparable and cuddling together…  The TWO videos below show them together:

The first video shows their two kitties cuddling next to the child and the second video shows their kid with the same two cats nearly 6+ years later! Watch:

Now watch them 6 years from now, still together.  If you’ve ever owned a pet throughout the hearts, you might understand how it is.  This relationship truly has lasted.  WATCH:

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