They Met The Most Unlikely Animal They’d Ever Seen… It’s Just Unbelievable, Wow!!

After years of looking out the window and not seeing anything significant, these cats (and their owner) encountered one of the most unbelievable and incredible animals—all curled up right outside their window!!

When their two cats discovered the new animal outside their window, he knew he had to start recording…He couldn’t believe his eyes, it was a real live fox!! Just watch what he recorded:

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YouTube user wrote: “This incredible encounter happened to me this week. The fox was curled up asleep at my back door. Foxes are normally nocturnal and will run away if they spot you anywhere near. But I just sat there for ages chilling with this fox and two of my cats Jimmy and Sammy. I sensed no hostility from either side, just a relaxed inquisitiveness.”

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