They Noticed A Grandma Crossing The Street, But Then They Saw Something Unbelievable!

They were just driving along one day and had to stop at a cross walk.  When they took a closer look, something started running out from behind her! Unbelievable…

They couldn’t believe it at first, but it was her valiant protector, her faithful kitty…  Cats have been known to protect, but this just goes to show how true it really is!

Thankfully in this country all drivers are required to have a “dash-camera” so they were able to recover this thoughtful moment when the cat was watching over grandma!

It almost seemed as if the sweet kitty was going ahead to shield the grandma from any possible traffic.  The cat had no leash at all, but kept leading her across the street and protecting her from oncoming traffic.  Such an amazing moment…  Watch:

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