They Noticed A Stray Pit Bull On The Side Of The Road, But What Saw Next Is Unbelievable…WOW

After animal rescuers noticed a black and white Pit Bull on the side of the road, they stopped, but what they saw next was completely unbelievable…

They saw the Pit Bull snuggling up with the smallest little kitten they had ever seen.  The abandoned Pit Bull was caring and nursing this two-day-old kitten on the side of the road like it was her own…

Dogs and cats are often thought of as “enemies,” but this adorable pair defeated all odds! This Pit Bull still adores the little kitten and as you can see in the video and has an unbelievable attachment to him!

This unlikely pair is now up for adoption, but under the stipulation that they are adopted together!

This difference in species didn’t make a difference, because there’s nothing quite like a mothers love! Watch:

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