People Noticed A Turquoise Cat, But They Didn’t Understand WHY Until Now! UNBELIEVABLE…

People that live in Varna, Bulgaria have been baffled this week when they noticed something that they’ve NEVER seen before. (VIDEO AT BOTTOM)

It wasn’t what they thought it was, but after taking a closer look, it was a turquoise-blue kitty cat!

Many people have been talking about the cat around town, but nobody could get close enough to catch the cat and find out what had happened to they finally found out the truth… He was cold one night and had slept in the wrong spot – a puddle of paint without hardener or some sort of dye… :(  …In the morning, his coat was covered in the turquoise color you see below:green-painted-cat3 green-painted-cat2After licking his fur to attempt to clean himself, it spread until he was completly colored!  As beautiful as it may appear, its not good or healthy for the cat.  People are trying to catch him and clean him up…green-painted-cat1

This poor little guy is a handsome guy and many are trying to catch the cat and clean him up, but he’s quick and they haven’t rescued him yet.

They did have a camera and took some video from a distance of the turquoise cat that had everyone so confused at first. WATCH:

Share this unbelievable story with your friends and family!  (Remember not close your paint cans, we would hate for this to ever happen again)  I hope they get him cleaned up soon!

UPDATE: They haven’t caught him yet, but are trying each day and hopefully soon he’ll be cleaned up!  (Lets hope this isn’t permanent)

(Via BuzzFeed & Picture credit via: Rex/REX USA)

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