They Noticed Something Black Sticking Out Of A Garbage Bin, But When They Got Closer…

Someone noticed something very unusual sticking out of a trash bin one day.  The hole was used for a drain and often times trash would get stuck in this area, but this time, the  ‘trash’ was meowing for help!…

When they stooped down to take a look, it was a poor trapped kitten desperately meowing for help!  His head was so stuck, they had to call the RSPCA and thankfully Steve Morrall arrived and couldn’t believe the sight he saw! —The fire department also came to help save the day!

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“When I arrived, I saw the head of the kitten poking out from this bin – it was so unusual and I have never seen anything like it before,” said RSPCA inspector Steve Morrall.

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Steve went on to say: “It is very likely she was looking for food in the bin, but panicked when the bin was being emptied and got herself stuck.

“The kitten was so stuck that it became obvious I would need extra assistance from West Midlands Fire Service. They were absolutely brilliant.”

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Thankfully now just a day later this kitty is very healthy and happy and gives love to his rescuers!Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 2.47.14 PM

They named the kitten Dusty and was given all the necessary checkups by vets, Dusty now has a clean bill of health!

She’s now at RSPCA and being cared for and loved until she’s ready to be put up for adoption! — Watch the video below:

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