They Notices Something Wandering Into Busy Highway Traffic… I Can’t Believe What They Found!!

It’s not every day that you see something furry wander into traffic. A couple watched as they saw fluffy orange cuteness try to navigate busy lunch hour traffic. Bonding was instant. It was humans to the rescue!

The couple had to dash into busy traffic to rescue a stray fluffy ginger kitten. At first he didn’t want to be rescued—he tried to run up their arms to get away—but soon they had him safely away from traffic.

Safely in his pet taxi

kitten_curled_upIt wasn’t long before ajunglecruise said the little kitten had captured the couple’s hearts.

Settling into his new bed

kitten_in_blanketThe kitten meowed constantly, and tried to get away. It wasn’t until they snuggled with him in bed, and turned the lights out, that he finally calmed down. He slept for hours and hours.

Congratulations! It’s a …

kitten_standingInitially they named the kitten Nala, thinking he was a baby girl, but the vet set them straight. He was renamed Simba, and was three months old.

Keeping cars at a distance

kitten_in_windowSimba settled into his new home. He loves to hang out on the window sill, and has turned out to be quite the talker. He’s forgotten his traumatic adoption and now wants plenty of cuddles.

Stay close OK?

Kitten_holds_handsSimba’s owner says that he’s really attached to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was the one who brought him home, while she had to go to work. He even stayed with Simba while he adjusted to his new home.

Older … but still a kitten at heart!

older_sticking_tongue_outSimba has captured the couple’s hearts, and has turned out to be extremely affectionate.

A heated pillow

gaming_catSimba loves to cuddle with his new companions.

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Via: lovemeow

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