They Paired This Orphaned Kitten With Someone Special, When You See It… You Won’t Stop Smiling!

At first it seemed like a very sad story, but sometimes the most amazing things can come out of the worst situations, even abandoned animals…

An orphaned kitten was found alone with no mother and a puppy that was abandoned by incapable owners, but something wonderful is happening that is taking the internet by storm!

Adele the 4-week old kitten was found wandering alone without a mother and Chip the puppy was abandoned by parents that said ‘they couldn’t handle the little dog.’

Adele and Chip were both abandoned, but when they met each other they instantly formed an incredible bond!  They absolutely loved each other!  Naturally, they were paired together…

Here is Adele, the tiny 4 week old kitten found walking alone as a stray.

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Meet Chip, the 5 week old chihuahua puppy that was surrendered to the shelter because his owner said they “could not care for such a young puppy,” said Natalie Buxton.


When Adele and Chip met each other, it was love at first sight!


These two adorable friends adopted each other!

They’re inseparable now and best friends!


They play together, eat together and even sleep together… :) AWW!


This adorable pair is waiting for the perfect human parents, but ONLY if they are adopted together! :)


Sometimes these adorable furry friends need a snuggle, JUST WATCH:

Watch this inseparable pair eating together!

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Update: They’ve been adopted!!

“Chip and Adele have never been happier than they are with their new, new family! They’re teaching Chip important things, like how to walk on a leash and Adele is learning how great naps are!”


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