They Put This Cat Mom With Abandoned Baby Skunks… The Results Are Something I’ll Never Forget!

Six baby skunks were found abandoned by their mother. The sad truth is that nobody knew what to do when this first happened, but then someone had a bright idea! “Why don’t we let the cat meet the abandoned skunk babies?”

Most people wouldn’t dream to let a cat who usually catches and eats small animals like mice or other animals with babies who need help like this, but they gave it a try anyways!

After they put the cat with the baby Skunks, something incredible happened… (via sunnyskyzSee images below:

The cat didn’t know what to do at first, but when her motherly harmonies kicked in, something truly amazing unfolded in front of everyone! – The cat warmed right up to these unlikely creatures, just as if their were her own kittens!

After two weeks, these little babies were doing amazing and loved their new cat mom.  The look on the cat moms face says it all, it’s the sweetest moment ever!

Now these little “stinkers” have a mother who is devoted and who even carries them and shows them off to visitors, its truly unbelievable!

As soon as these baby skunks are old enough to fend for themselves, they’ll be released and set free!

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