They Rescued These Homeless Kittens, But Didn’t Expect The Dog To Do This…

Some things were simply meant to happen.  When they took in these homeless and motherless kittens, they didn’t expect what the adopted dog would do, but it brought a smile to everyone’s face!

Ms. Jackson a rescue dog with the biggest heart for little baby foster kitties. This sweet pup adopted a family that cares for foster kittens. When the family brought in two orphaned kittens from the shelter, Ms. Jackson’s motherly, caring instinct kicked in. She began to lick and clean the babies like a momma would. The little babies fell in love with their adopted mother and tried to nurse from her.

Meet Ms. Jackson’s new babies – these kittens are her’s now!


She guards the little ones with her life…


…Keeping them by her side at all times.


A very patient momma that loves her babies, even when they playfully jump on her.



The little furballs love snuggling with Mommy.


And when it’s time for a nap, Momma lays everyone down to sleep.




We don’t have an actual video of Ms. Jackson and her babies, but we can only imagine the little family would look like this:

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