They Said This Kitten “Wouldn’t Make It” But She NEVER Gave Up…The End Results Are AMAZING.

Often the runt of the litter doesn’t make it, but that didn’t stop Kitty Babe’s fur mom from trying. When the kittens were born, one was tinier than the others. Kristel rushed the cat to the vet. He wasn’t hopeful. He didn’t believe the kitten would last the night.

She brought the kitten back home, and enlisted advice from her vet tech friend.

Barely bigger than the palm of a hand.

Human_holding_tiny_kittenKitty Babe was fed with a kitten bottle full of formula. She had no idea how to nurse, and it was a struggle to teach her to eat from the bottle.

Learning how to bottle feed.

KItten_being_bottlefedShe had to be fed every two hours, and have her butt massaged to get her to poop. Kristel kept the kitten clean and warm at all times. She said it was an effort to feed her. She had trouble drinking from the bottle, and every time she went to the bathroom she would scream. It broke Kristel’s heart.

Keeping Kitty Babe warm.

Tiny_kitten_in_towelShe could barely get up and walk, and when she did, she was immediately exhausted. Kristel tried contacting a vet again, but was once again told to give up. But she wouldn’t.

Every day a little bit stronger.

Kitten_on_bedThe kitten’s situation started improving. She was able to hold herself up, and walk around for a bit. She still looked like a sad ball of fur, but she loved being stroked on her chin.

Already a lap cat.

Tiny_kitten_sleepingHer fur was in patches for a while, but it all eventually grew in. While her siblings were weighing in at three pounds, Kitty Babe only weighed a mere few ounces. It took a few months for her to reach the one pound mark.

Kristel’s kitten loved sleeping on her lap, and would cry when she was placed in her bed, which was warmed by a heating pad.

We’re almost the same size now.

Two_cats_togetherIt took a while for Kitty Babe to catch up in size to her siblings. It was an adjustment from bottled food to wet kitten food. Often she’d just roll in it, not understanding what it was for. This meant more baths for her.

All grown up!

Black_cat_watchingYou’d never guess that this beautiful black cat used to be the runt of the litter. She has silky, fluffy fur. She’s still a bit small, and will always look like an eight or nine month old kitten.

From freaky werewolf to show cat.

From_runt_to_big_catKitty Babe is now as healthy as any cat. Her favorite activity is to lay in the sun, and curl up near her human’s face.

Aren’t you glad she didn’t take her vet’s advice?

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