They Saw A Stay Kitten In Their Backyard, But When They Got Closer… SOO Cute!!

They discovered a stray kitten one day in their backyard, but when they took a closer look, they couldn’t believe it!

After getting closer, it was unreal, the kitten they found was an exact ‘mini-me’ of the cat they had previously adopted into their home… Quoted via owners: “We found our new cat’s kitten twin in our backyard.. It was meant to be.”

“We lost our cat of 18 years on Thanksgiving… knew we wanted to save another life and knew there were so many cats around here that needed it…. Samson (on the left) was rescued about 20 miles from where we live a few months ago.”


Even though the kitten was found with injuries, they decided to adopt him anyway!

Samson the their first rescue cat had settled into his new home, but then just 2 weeks later, they heard crying outside and moved the garbage pail and couldn’t believe it!  It was a perfect mini ‘baby Samson’

“We found baby samson, 2-3 weeks old, abandoned all alone and scared. We bottle feed him for past couple of weeks. He’s all settled in now. They are now officially best friends. We couldn’t be happier, and everything was strangely, coincidentally, and insanely meant to be. Samson and Dennis are our two miracle boys.”

They are a perfect pair from completely different places, but unbelievably similar!

What a wonderful family they are together now!


It also happened to another 2 cats from completely different parents!


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H/T: LoveMeow

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