They Say “Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend,” But Wait Till You See This Story… It’s The CUTEST.

Whoever said a dog is a man’s best friend has not met this couple. This kitty and his human have been best friends for the past 21 years!

The kitty could be much older than that, but they’re not certain, as Mowgli was a farm kitten before being adopted.

Best furiends furever!

1_21yr_CatSearingsky says that his cat has had quite the life. His guess is that Mowgli was about two months’ old when initially adopted, though they’re not entirely certain. Sear was in kindergarten at the time he got his kitten.

Year after year, this kitty gets to be the center of attention!

2_Cat_Wearing_CollarSearingly is turning twenty-five now, while his cat Mowgli is 21 years old. Despite his age, he still has a kitten-like face. He’s still healthy and can meow really loud to get everyone’s attention.

They’ve formed an inseparable bond!

3_Old_Cat_Cuddles_HumanMowgli shares a special bond with his human, after being together for 21 years. Each time Sear lies down on the couch, Mowgli will immediately join him. He’ll lie down on Sear’s belly, snuggle up, and doze off.

Snuggles are just some of the cuteness… :)

4_Cat_Cuddles_ArmSear believes that Mowgli’s secret to a long, healthy life is because of love. His furry friend gets plenty of cuddles and attention. He also has a great vet, but has been lucky enough to not have any serious medical problems.

“ahhhhhhh!!” Lap time is the best time

5_Cat_Stretches_ArmsThere’s nothing like cuddling up with your best friend at the end of a long day… of napping.

It’s time to streeeeeeeetch, my hooman is home!

6_Cat_On_BedMowgi perks up when Sear comes home. He loves his human, but waits for him in his favorite sleeping spot.

The love goes both ways, these two have loved each other for 21 years!

7_Old_Cat_SleepsIf love is true, it lasts forever—this kitty and human have proved that cats can be man’s best friend!

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Via: Reddit – SEARINGSKY and H/T lovemeow

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