They Spent 19 Years Together, And Their Story Will Bring You To Tears…

This human and her cat have spent 19 sweet years of love together and it just keeps getting better!

Ever since the very beginning, this ginger kitty has been by her side and the love they share is truly amazing!

Reddit user Miss KitKatt908 posted this story to imgur showing the love they shared ever since she could remember.  Cats are some of the best friends anyone could have and all these 19 years prove this even more!

When she was a baby, this sweet ginger kitty showed her how to roll over!


She loved her ginger kitty very much as she grew older!


Before she came home, this kitty would sleep waiting for her return.


…And when she returned, kitty would warm up to her and purr as she slept.


When it was time for 6th grade, this kitty was there to wish her luck!


When she did her homework, this kitty was still by her side. loving, purring and being her best friend!


They even slept together throughout the years…


There wasn’t a moment when kitty wasn’t around—Even when she was playing video games.


Her sweet kitty even congratulated her when she graduated, and the love will never be forgotten…


This sweet kitty friend filled her life with love and happiness—She’ll never forget the best times she had in the past 19 years…

“RIP My Handsome man, thank you for the best 19 years of my life, will never forget.”


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