They Thought This Cat Was Beyond Saving, But Nobody Can Believe What He’s Doing Now…

Radamenes is at it again!  This sweet black kitty, gives a new meaning to “paying it forward” in kindness. He was brought into a veterinary clinic in Poland,  cold and shivering, almost on his death bed with an acute respiratory infection.

The vet thought Radamenes was almost beyond saving until he heard his little purr come back.

This beautiful, tenderhearted sweetie survived, and now he uses his “second cat life” to do the most remarkable things that no one could’ve expected.


Radamenes makes good use of his time by working tirelessly to give other sick animals at the vet clinic lots of love and cuddles.


He sympathizes with their hurts and and snuggles right beside them because no one likes to be sick and alone right?


Radamenes even hugs and cleans the other patients as they recover from their own illnesses. He uses his pawsitive kitty vibes while sleeping besides other furry clients by giving lots of good kitty energy and cuddles.

Now you tell me, is this one extraordinary cat or what?

Such a sweetheart! He is now called the center’s full time nurse and mascot. Go Radamenes! We are so grateful he survived.

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