They Try Not To Scare This Stray Cat, But What They See Next… Just Watch It, TRULY Unbelievable, wow!!

This video is very unbelievable and is giving us mixed emotions.  It’s assumed that they were trying to help this stray cat, but didn’t want to make any sudden moves to scare the cat off.

EVEN though they didn’t even more much or make any moves, this scared kitty ends up falling THREE stories to the cement.  The next moment?  It’s UNBELIEVABLE.

This cat falls a huge distance, but when he lands?? He’s OK and didn’t die.  This blows my mind… Watch Video:

We’re not sure what anyone could have done in these circumstances… Any sudden movement could cause the cat to jump even farther to his death… Cats are TRULY incredible and amazing animals!!—SHARE this story with your friends!!

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