They We’re Recording Their Cats Playing, When All Of A Sudden Something Horrible Happened…

Cats love to play, but these pet owners were in for a unsuspecting surprise when they were recording their cats playing.  As they continued recording, one cat saw a perfect opportunity to prank his friend, but it turned out badly… (We don’t think he meant to do this)

After the cat sees the stairs to the cellar, he takes a look and WAM, his friend does something horrible (i’m not sure if they are friends now due to this incident even though cat #2 didn’t mean to do this I’m sure…)

The cat tumbles down the stairs and crashes into some jars… Its horrible to think that one cat would do this to another, but he probably didn’t think it would happen like this.

The video below was cut from the original so you see what happens in just 10 seconds… Watch:

Cats love to have fun, and thankfully this didn’t turn out badly – Share with your friends…

(Both cats are fine to this day)

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