This 6-Toed Rescue Kitten Cannot Ignore The Wagging Tail, So He Does Something ADORABLE…

At, we’re always looking for great stories, but this story (And adorable video) in particular strikes VERY close to home, because it’s our own cat that we just recently rescued at headquarters :)

This rescue story is inspiring and wonderful, but first, we’ll show you the adorable video!

After rescuing ‘Charlie’ from the side of the road, he instantly bonded with one of our other cats in the house.  They spend ever moment together!

There are many adorable moments between the two inseparable best friends, but just recently Charlie noticed Chloe’s wagging tail and became curious and enthralled in the most adorable way ever!!  Thankfully we got a chance to capture the moment on camera…

His curiosity for this wagging tail is just too much to contain! It has become his new toy. They’re just SO cute together… Watch:

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The story:

One of our friends was traveling through Milton Freewater, Oregon when all of a sudden they noticed a creature moving in the grass in one of the fields… They immediately stopped the car and jumped out to see what it was.

They couldn’t believe their eyes, it was an adorable kitten that looked like he was abandoned and dumped out of someones truck… The poor kitten was full of fleas and bloated from lack of food.  His face also was very dejected at first and seemed very sad and tired.  He did NOT look good and would have died shortly if they hadn’t found him…

image_2They brought him back home and after I had finished posting another video on, I went downstairs to see the new kitten.  He looked very hungry, so I immediately knew that I had to do something!  I took him upstairs and helped him get some food and water.  I also noticed that he had 6 toes on all 4 feet.  He seemed scared,  but began to warm up to all of us…

He was particularly adorable it’s hard to believe that anyone could have ditched him on the side of the road like this…  charlie cat

We decided to name him ‘Charlie’.  The poor kitten finally regained health and to this day is the most loving cat we’ve ever owned!

When I write on, Charlie the rescue cat comes up by me and hangs out watching the cute cat videos I’m posting for everyone – its adorable!

Charlie and chloe cats kitties

At the time we adopted him and rescued him back to health, we had another kitten  upstairs named ‘Chloe’ and when Chloe met Charlie the rescue cat, they instantly became inseparable best friends!!

They insist on hanging out together all the time…

chloe and charlie cat sleeping togetherimage_4

They always want to be together.  They love sitting by the window and talking to the birds outside.


To this day Chloe and Charlie run up and down the halls of our house enjoying each other like best buds! We will keep you updated with more videos of Charlie the rescue cat and Chloe!

Without our cats, we wouldn’t be able to write great posts on, these cats help inspire us and even walk on our keyboard which can sometimes cause typos… LOL

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