This baby’s best friend is cutest kitty and seeing them together is just adorable!

A tabby cat found his new human while she was five month’s pregnant. What happens after the baby is born is amazing!

Cats and children naturally go together. But who could have forecast the inseparable bond that these two quickly formed!

Tabby cat and human baby BFF!

familyThe tabby cat and baby soon became best friends. They are inseparable, and spend every aspect of their daily lives together.

Bedtime hugs!

baby_cat_hugsBaby and tabby enjoy some bedtime hugs. The mom acknowledges that she couldn’t keep them apart, even if she tried.

Just hanging out together!

baby_cat_lying_down2They’re a bonded pair! Mom says that she’s not worried about diseases, but she was careful to not scoop the litter box while pregnant.

So content together!

cat_baby_touchingLiving with cats involves cat fur everywhere. Mom just cleans it up.

Cat provides comfort during meal times

cat_baby_comfortEven during meal times, baby wants to have her cat nearby. Touching is even better.

Nap times are the best snuggle times

cat_and_baby1Cat and baby do everything together, even nap. Kitty keeps baby warm.

Once baby is asleep, soon kitty follows

sleepingThe two are so adorable together!

The siblings at play!

cat_baby_playtimeThe tabby cat enjoys watching his sibling at play.

Cat ensures his sister stays safe during bath time.

baby_bathEven when baby is taking her bath, her furry sibling wants to ensure that she stays safe.

Hanging out on the couch

cat_baby_chairThis inseparable pair take a break on the couch.

These two are the bestest of friends and its just about as cute as it gets!

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