This Boy And His Cat Are Best Friends, But The Reason Why?… Now I’m In Tears.

This abandoned cat was brought into a loving home. Fraser, a two-year-old little boy fell in love with this sweet feline who introduced himself by laying down and purring on his new owner.

But there’s something even more special about their relationship. Fraser is an autistic child with special needs who has a hard time identifying with the world around him. His mother noticed he was interested in cats, and one day, she brought Billy home.

The two have been inseparable since and their relationship is transformational. Just watch:

They absolutely love each other!


They play, purr and enjoy each other’s company.


A transformation occurred all because of Billy the cat rescued from an abandoned house.

cat-and-autistic-boy-2 cat-and-autistic-boy-3 This cat has totally transformed this boy’s life.  It doesn’t get any better then this! :)

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