Cat Shows Up Every Day To Run With With His Favorite Human And Never Leaves His Side

Here at, we’re always excited when someone adopts a pet, but this rescue story goes a little different then what you might expect…

Michael Greenblatt is a celebrity fitness instructor, but he never expected what would happen when this little black cat started showing up at his doorstep each day.

He would go running every day, but then one day he noticed that he wasn’t alone… The cat would show running along next to him. This cat started showing up every day for a run with his new adopted human…  He didn’t know what to think about this unusual behavior, so he contacted a local veterinarian and they had never heard of such behavior.

He had originally grown up with two black cats and enjoyed the company of this little black cat each time he went running.  This cat would show up every day and if his new adopted human owner was missing, he would act annoyed and unhappy — this cat REALLY does love running!

He decided to adopt “Roadrunner” the little black kitty and they continue to run long distances together each day. Roadrunner is the longest running cat in the world!

This black kitty unbelievably enjoys every minute of his daily run!… Watch:

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