This Kitten Fell Off A Hillside And Was Trapped, But What Does Mom Do Next? AMAZING…

This brave mother noticed her kitten was missing, so she went looking… After finding out it was trapped off a hillside, she frantically tries a few techniques to rescue her kitten, but finally decides there’s only one way, so she jumps down and risks herself…

After jumping down to rescue her poor trapped kitten, this mother cat valiantly jumps straight up the cliff with her kitten in the most amazing way ever!

The human that took this video was on the edge of a large cliff and there was no way for the human to safely save this kitten, or help…However this mother cat is a true hero for saving her kitten, Watch:

Sadly this human was not able to help because it was too dangerous, however we’re very amazed at this amazing cat mom and what she did!!

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