This Kitten Is Missing Something Very Important, But You’ve Got To See Her Now… Amazing!!

It’s a common story for many kittens. Mom and kittens are found outside, when a wonderful human takes them in. Little Liza was one of the lucky ones found at a gas station. Her new mom trapped the family and brought them home. She later realized that this little kitten had no back feet, nor paws!

Adorable kitten rescued at a gas station, but she’s not like other cats…

1_Liza_Cat_2_LegsLiza’s human mom took her to the vet for a checkup. The little kitten was completely healthy, except for missing her two back feet. The kitten has warmed up to her human. Her human was trying to get the kitten used to having her back nubs touched and rubbed.

Her mom planned on taking her to a specialist, to see if she could have a device or booties installed. But for the moment, Liza got around just fine. Her mom reported that this kitten ran and played like any other, and had no idea that she was missing her two back feet. Today, she is a healthy grownup cat.

Two missing feet, but still completely adorable!

2_2_Pawed_KittyIn the beginning it was uncertain if Liza would have mobility issues as she grew and put on weight. But we’re confident her mom was on top of things.

Belly rub please!

3_2_Pawed_Cat_Loves_Belly_RubsLiza was born without back feet. It conveniently makes it a whole lot easier for people to give her a belly rub.

Ready for play, just like any other kitten.

4_Liza_Ready_to_PlayLiza loves to run around and play. She can even stand up, as technically she still has her back legs, but is just missing her feet.

What you lookin’ at?

5_Cat_On_Scratchy_PostLiza can even climb up onto her scratchy post, just like any other normal kitten.

Getting frisky!

6_Cat_Upside_Down_PlayLiza is ready for play time!

WATCH: Liza knows how to get around!

Liza is all grown up and gets around perfectly fine! (Via: Instagram)

Liza doesn’t realize how special she is.

7_Cat_with_CollarLiza is not aware of her handicap, and isn’t aware that she’s missing anything. It’s an exciting kitten life for her, full of wonder, playing, sleeping, and eating, just like any other kitten’s life.

What a gorgeous cat!

8_Cat_in_BedLiza is all grown up now, and still leads a fulfilling kitty life!

Every cat deserves to be rescued, even those that are less fortunate!

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