This Kitten Is SOO Small, You Won’t Believe It… He’s Literally 1/3 Of The Size, WOW…

Kittens are already cute and adorable, but wait until you see Tinycat! At twelve weeks old, he was just one third the size of a regular kitten, but he’s still adorable! He still grows just like a real cat though.

In the beginning, Tinycat couldn’t suckle on his mother cat, so they had to feed him kitten formula around the clock. He’s allowed to go on supervised exploratory trips, with his owner Yaga Dillon.

He doesn’t meow a lot, but he certainly loves to play. While he’s still so tiny, he’s a furry ball of energy. He now weighs 330 grams.

Compare Tinycat with his friend. He’s only 1/3 the size!


Tinycat in his playpen.


He’s so tiny, he needs a blanket to keep warm.


He’s too small for toys, so his owner gave him a hair scrunchie to cuddle.


Tinycat is growing.


No need to look sad, when you have a good home.


Tinycat, not much bigger than a thumb.


Tinycat is a fighter! He had the flu, but recovered.


Tinycat beside his best furry friend. Same age, different sizes!


I’m ready for play!


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Via: lovemeow

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