This Kitten Lost His Family, And Finds A New Mom… But It’s Not Who You Think!

It’s a heart breaking moment when you’re a tiny kitten who has lost your family, but thankfully this story doesn’t end here. A human family adopted this little kitten, but he continued crying for his mommy.

With a stroke of brilliance, they soon found him a new mom. But no, it’s not another cat, nor is it a human. The kitten found his new mom in the cat-loving family dog! It was love at first sight!

Suddenly, a little kitten’s world suddenly became a whole lot warmer.

One sad little kitten.

1_Abandoned_KittenHumans came to the rescue of this abandoned kitten who’d lost his mother and litter mates. They brought him home. But he still seemed a bit sad.

Meet your this kitty’s new mommy—this loving dog!

2_Molly_DogIt turns out that the family had a border collie named Molly, who just happened to love cats. Molly stepped in to help raise the spirits of the sad kitten.

They were nervous at first, but it turned out they got along amazingly!

3_Kitten_and_DogThe family weren’t quite certain how the pair would take to each other. But fortunately, it was love at first sight.

You can’t go wrong with soft warm fur! :)

4_Dog_Warms_KittenAccording to her owners, Molly is a gentle, fun-loving dog. She was the perfect companion to keep a little kitten warm.

Always stay close to me, okay?

5_Closeup_Kitten_DogThe kitten loves Molly, Molly loves the kitten. Even though the kitten is getting larger, they still love to snuggle.

Molly the dog is a gentle mommy.

6_Dog_and_CatIn every waking and sleeping moment, the pair can be found together.

They spend many happy moments together, it’s wonderful!

7_Dog_Keeps_Kitten_WarmThe kitten is a lot happier, and Molly is glad she has a new furry companion too, It was a match made in heaven!

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