This Kitten Wasn’t So Sure About A New Friend, But After A Few Minutes…My Heart Just Melted!

Here at, we’re always looking for the best cat stories and videos on the internet and this adorable bond between a cute kitten and owl might just be the cutest thing you see all week!

At first this kitten didn’t know what to think of the owl, but after they got to know each other, they became best of friends!

Fuky-chan the is just one of the several owls that make their home at a local coffee shop in Osaka, Japan.

Hukulou Coffee just recently adopted a beautiful new Scottish Fold kitten but the surprise that they got when ‘Marimo’ the new kitten met Fuku-chan the owl is beyond adorable… It’s PRICELESS.


At first, these two unlikely friends didn’t know what to make of each other, but then…

11402748_1610384765868462_3860236892575623155_nAfter they met, something unexpected happened; the new kitten and owl were inseparable!


They play together, perch together and even sleep together!

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This cross-species friendship is like nothing you’ve ever seen… This is simply AMAZING.


This adorable and unlikely relationship between this kitten and owl has been shared thousands of times across the internet… And it just might be the cutest thing you’ll see all day!


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