This Kitty Goes To Safeway Every Day For One Special Reason… This Is Adorable!!

For seven years Safeway has had a local store greeter who comes out nearly every day to say hi to the customers…His only reward is that he is petted and receives treats in return!

Cecil is a cat who has faithfully visited his friends at Safeway in Portland, Oregon, and gone out of his way to make customers feel welcome. He’ll often be found sleeping on the soda, or curled up in a shopping cart when he’s ready for a break.

Just walk into this Safeway store and you’ll see something very special!

1_Cat_Inside_SafewayCecil has several key vantage positions where he greets the customers. One of them is the front door and he doesn’t miss a customer!

Many people think he’s a stray, so they call the number on his collar. A recording tells people that they know their kitty hangs out at Safeway, and not to worry, Cecil returns home at the end of a shift.

“I did my duty, now I get a break.”

2_Cat_Nap_At_SafewayWhen Cecil has had a long day of greeting customers, he enjoys napping on top of the soda cases, or looking out the window as the customers stroll by.

It’s a nice day to work outside, especially with this kitty around!

3_Cat_Outside_SafewayWorkers at the Safeway explain how Cecil is the sweetest kitty, and he’s well looked after. Even customers often buy their cats extra treats so that they can share them with Cecil.

“Happy Halloween, would you like to buy a pumpkin?!”

4_Halloween_CatCecil gets into the swing of things during holidays.

Clean up in Aisle 4! There’s too much dog food here!!

5_Cat_Pet_FoodCecil has become quite the celebrity at Safeway, and people enjoy taking snapshots of him and petting his soft fur, it makes shopping SOO much better!

Fulfilling his function as official chair warmer.

6_Cat_Sits_On_ChairCecil grabs a snooze whenever he has the chance.

Waiting for the doors to open.

7_Cat_WaitingCecil is ready for the first customer of the day.

Time to open!

8_Cat_Looking_UpCecil is waiting for the counter to open.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

9_Cat_Greets_CustomersCecil loves attention from all the customers and no matter what time it is, he’s ready to purr and make your day!

Cecil is the best store greeter you’ve EVER seen!

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