This Little Kitten Was Found Crawling On A Busy Road, But Wait Till You See The Ending…

There are many who don’t have a kitten’s chance in surviving the cold outdoors, let alone finding a loving human family especial on a busy road, but this little guy survived all the odds!

This newborn kitten got separated from his mother, but was lucky enough to be found by a woman as she was passing by. This kind woman in Australia rescued him and gave him a new family!

When they rescued him, he was very tiny and no larger than a hand!

1_Tiny_Gray_KittenKathryn van Beek named her new kitten Bruce. They both live in Kingsland, Auckland. He was only a tiny ball of rain-soaked fur when she saw him crawling down the roadside.

Bruce quickly warmed up to his new family!

2_Kitten_Surrounded_By_BlanketsKathryn checked with her neighbors first, but no one claimed the kitten. He was a newborn, not a day old, and still had his umbilical cord attached.

The poor frail kitten needed feeding, but this loving family knew just what to do!

3_Feeding_Kitten_with_SyringeNewborn kittens often don’t survive their first days without their mother, but Bruce was tough. He was given kitten milk through a syringe. His new humans cared for him around the clock.

Dad even decided to help feed the kitten too!

4_Dad_Feeds_KittenBruce had to be fed every two hours. For his human family, it was just like getting up in the middle of the night to feed a newborn human.

It didn’t take long until he was fast asleep, warm, happy and with his new family!

5_Kitten_Wrapped_In_TowelBruce quickly settled into his new home, and gained strength.

Little newborn kitten gives his new human a hug.

6_Kitten_Cuddles_HandBruce is thankful for his new family.

Furry cuddles with this adorable kitten just don’t get any better than this!

7_Kitten_Cuddles_HumanLittle Bruce nearly died on the roadside, but thanks to his rescuers, he now enjoys his loving humans and is getting bigger each day!

This little kitten was worth all the work :)

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