This Man Does Something Amazing For Poor Abandoned Cats In War-Torn Syria… A TRUE Hero!

Syria isn’t a beautiful place for many people and the violence affects everyone, but it also affects stray animals, especially cats!  There are hundred of cats that have been abandoned, or have become stray cats due to the unrest.

Thankfully these cats aren’t alone!  There is a very kindhearted man named Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel and he’s doing something amazing for these cats in need of help!

When civil war broke out in 2011, Aljaleel became a guardian for the cats which were left to die.  He would go each morning to a local butcher shop and buy some meat scraps which cost $2.50.  He would then take these scraps and feed the to the desperately hungry felines!

With his small amount of $2.50, he was able to feed over 100 abandoned kitties in Aleppo Syria!



In this war-torn country where humans and animals are not treated with care, this kind man has devoted his time to helping his feline friends around the war-torn country.


Although the violence continues, Aljaleel continues his act of kindness each day.  he also dreams of building an animal hospital and shelter one day!

Facebook/Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel (via

Facebook/Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel (via

Many cats in this area look forward to Aljaleel’s daily kindhearted act.  As violence and tensions continue to get worse in Syria, he’s not giving up and still hopes to one day build a shelter to help animals in need!

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