This Man Rescued A Cat, But When You See How She Repays Him… Your Heart Will Melt!

One woman’s fiancee not only rescued a sweet kitty, but the kitty was missing one eye so it was a doubly good deed, but the story gets even better!…

Disabled cats are often overlooked at the animal shelters, but they’re just as special as all cats and you’re about to see why!

It turns out this rescued kitty was so grateful that she repays her male owner in a very special way each day!

She gives love and kissies every day!

1_Cat_Licks_ManWhile he holds onto her, the one eyed kitty loves to hold her human’s nose down and lick it. It’s her own way of saying, “Thank you for saving me, I’ll love you furever.”

When this kitty met their family dog… Family cuddle puddle!

2_Cat_Cuddles_DogShe loves to cuddle with the couple’s small dog, it’s a match made in heaven.

You don’t need both eyes to be the most loving sweetheart ever! :)

3_One_Eyed_CatIt’s not known how this kitty lost her eye, but she get around her home just fine with one and knows how to love even more than most cats!

Never leave me, let’s stick together furever!

4_Cat_Human_Holding_HandsThe entire family gets together to hold hands, it’s a wonderful sight to see!

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Via: lovemeow

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