I Thought This Cat Would Catch The Fish, But Then He Does Something Totally Different! Amazing…

Timo the rag doll cat from the Netherlands has become a ‘star’ in many recent hit YouTube videos from the channel “Xiedubbel”, but this adorable video of Timo is quite unusual.

Most cats wouldn’t become friends with such a unlikely animal, but Timo is different, he does’t need to catch the fish, instead they’ve become best friends!

Ever since Timo the cat was a kitten, he loved watching the TV, but always got excited whenever they played a video of their Koi fish…

After noticing this, they wanted to see what would happen if their cat actually met their Koi fish and something amazing happened.  They even recorded it so we all could see!

His owner via YouTube: “Throwback of Timo’s loving moment with his Koi fish friend. A very special friendship since he was a kitten. Even when he’s inside the house, Timo enjoys watching his friend on television :)”

Timo met his friend Koi fish and they are best friends, Watch:

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