Tiny Kitten Was Trapped In A Storm Drain, But Then This Heroic Man Decided To Save The Day…

A kind man decided to save the day with his heroic act, when he jumped down into a storm drain to rescue the tiny little trapped kitten.  Thankfully someone had a camera to record this wonderful event!

A driver stopped his cat in a parking lot one day, he came back and drove home, but when he arrived home, something immediately jumped out…It was a kitten!!

The driver could’t believe what had just happened and how the kitten had survived the drive, but the story didn’t end here!

cat-rescue-from-storm-drain-2Finally rescued and happy, this hero saved the day!

The kitten jumped out after hitching a ride and ran for refuge, but sadly the little kitten slipped right down into the storm drain accidentally and was immediately trapped!

After hearing what happened, Avi Kuzi, decided to save the day in a heroic way by jumping down to save the poor kitten in a VERY small hole…

He could hardly fit, but still decided to jump down to save the kitten!


Avi said: “I always get to be there for them (the animals), no matter how challenging the road”

Little kitten couldn’t be happier now that he’s safe and sound!


Avi lives in Israel and saves thousands of animals. “It’s not just I love animals,” he said. “It’s more than that. They are part of my blood. They are an extra sense in my body.” -Avi said.

Watch the rescue video:

It’s amazing what a rescue can do!

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