Toddler tries to hold the kitten, but when his mother notices it, she just CAN’T handle it… OMG

When this toddler holds the kitten, mother is not happy at all.  She meows and just CAN’T handle the fact that someone is holding her kitten, so she immediately begins meowing and finally is able to grab the kitten and take him back to her home!

When this kitten wondered out and was picked up by this little human, mom decides it’s unacceptable when she hears the crying and I agree with her! – A protective mom is what every kitten needs and this cat mom is just great! :)

When this cat hears her kitten meowing, she just CAN’T handle it… Just watch the video!

Cats are better than even humans sometimes, what a caring and loving mother—SHARE this story with your friends if you enjoyed! :)

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