This Pit Bull Won’t Leave His Kitty Alone, But The Reason Why? He’s A TRUE Hero! Amazing…

When most people think of ‘Pit Bulls’ they might not imagine something like this happening, but the truth is that any animal trained and treated the right way can be loving and kind.

The most amazing part of this story: This Pit Bull and cat were both saved and rescued in the beginning as pets, but their rescued cat was attacked by a coyote right outside their back door and thats when the Pit Bull stepped in and became the ‘hero’ of the day!

This dog was saved and rescued and did the same thing for the cat; it’s truly amazing how animals give back!

Now this dog watches over the cat and protects her even more closely as seen in this video… “He probably feels like he’s the caretaker. He checks on her every day and sniffs her, seeing what kind of shape she is in” Watch:

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