Two Huskies Meet Newest Member Of The Family…And It’s CUTER Than Ever, Just Watch!

These two huskies, Arctic and Kobie, are about to meet the newest family member and can’t be more excited! But little do they know…the new animal is a tiny kitten!

Diesel, an energetic tabby kitty, has no problem holding his own in front of the big dogs and whaps them on the nose a few times to show who’s boss!

Their owner says, “I understand the concerns about Diesel being around two huskies. I can assure you they were not ready to attack. They lived with our previous cat for 10 years, and this is just how they react to new animals, be it a cat or dog.”

The little kitten couldn’t be more excited to be in a loving home with lots of friends to play with. Just watch them together – you can’t help but smile at all the energy! View here:

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