Rare Mutant Kitten Born With Two Heads And Three Eyes… I’ve NEVER Seen A Kitten Like This!!

I’ve seen a lot, but never seen anything like this.  Kittens born like this are very rare and most times they are euthanized so they don’t have to live in the condition they are in, however this cat seems to be living just fine!

Xiao Wei, the cat’s owner, has been taking care of the newborn kitten, but many are skeptical of how long the kitten will live due to it’s unusual physical attributes.

I’ve never seen anything like this before! – See the pictures below for the full story:


Two faced cats like this are not very common and when Wei noticed this cats face he was extremely surprised.  Cats with two faces are often called ‘Janus cats’  apparently named after a Roman god with two faces

Wei decided to name the kitten ‘Akamaru’, which was inspired from Naruto, a very popular Japanese manga series as you can see in the illustration below:

Wei told the DailyMail that “both mouths are able to move but only one of them makes sound and drinks milk.

The other mouth has a tongue sticking out, which the kitten uses to lick its body.

Wei also told a reporter that the centre eye seems to be blind as it has no reaction with light.”

Wei noted that this cat is just like all the other cats: “It is just like the other four siblings, sticks around with mother when it is scared.”

‘But it walks slower than the others as her head is heavy and always bobs.’ (credit via Pear Video and DailMail)

Because of Akamura’s condition, Wei has been diligent and kept her in isolation and bottle feeds her every three hours.

Animals like this are very rare, however they have a shortened lifespan due to health problems which are related to their deformity. – Some can make it to a very old age, but this is also equally as rare to see.

One of the oldest cats with this condition is named named ‘Frankenlouie’ who lived till an amazing age of 15 – Frankenlouie now holds the record for the oldest surviving Janus cat!

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