Watch: Mama Cat Rescues A Sick Kitten!

A kitten was found sick an stuck in a hole, thankfully this story ended very happily, but my heart jumped a beat half way through… Cat moms are amazing!

“There are a few stray cat families that live in my backyard, and a litter of kittens was born about a month ago. We noticed one crying all night and all morning and my mom realized he or she was sick. It had one eye closed and the other had pus in it. She put a little food out and then around 7:30 tonight I heard crying… The sick kitten was stuck in a hole in the house and couldn’t get out, so I moved the board and gave it some milk. I thought it was doomed until the mommy came and surprised me! We contacted a vet but they won’t do anything for it, so hopefully it will get better with mama cat’s care and love!”  Watch the story below:

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