WATCH What These Cats Do When This Man Walks Around The Monastery Every Day… SOO Cute!!

In a special place called Optina Monastery, there is a daily procession of blessings that is an ancient tradition followed by all the monks who love there. This Eastern Orthodox refuge in Russia has always followed this practice, but there’s something unique about it…

The monastery has adopted ten stray cats to be working animals – they are given shelter, food and all the basic necessities in exchange for their skills at pest control!

Father Sergey Kuzmich walks the grounds, giving blessings to the monks and the grounds, and every day, all ten cats joined him for the walk. Kuzmich never calls them, it has just become a daily routine for animals.The monastery found it charming, and made a video to show “something simple and kind.”

What a sweet moment—Watch this and your heart will be warmed! View below:

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