New Scientific Study Proves Watching Cat Videos Increases Energy And More…

It’s what office workers have known for a long time—watching videos while at work makes us more productive!

But be careful what types of videos you watch. Apparently you must watch cat videos to experience the full effect of relaxation—and utter cuteness!

It’s even scientific according to a new research study with over 7000 participants.

Lil_BubAnd who isn’t going to feel better after watching Lil Bub being completely adorable?

It’s not just cat lovers who have proclaimed to the world that kitties make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but experts too. According to a study published in the reputable science journal “Computers in Human Behavior”, watching cat videos can decrease stress and increase energy.

This study is backed up by Jessica Gall Myrick, an assistant professor at the Media School at Indiana University. She’s also the author of the study. She surveyed an impressive 7000 people to come up with these scientific inclusive studies.

Each person in the study had some tough work to do. They each had to watch cat videos. They were surveyed as to how they felt before watching the videos. Then they were surveyed about their emotions after watching the cat videos..And you can guess the results!


Despite the rigor of watching nearly endless cat videos, most participants recorded that they felt better after watching the cat videos. Their worries went away. They felt happier and more relaxed. They had more energy. They were ready for anything.

Big bosses of the world take note—they were ready to tackle work with great vigor!

What are you watching? Lets hope it’s more cat videos!


While viewing cat videos may be used as a method for procrastination, most people return to work reinvigorated. Can it be that the mind is telling us we need a break when we click on that play button?

The brain is hoping for an overdose of cuteness, instead of working on endless spreadsheets, or finding the error in programming code, or writing a boring report for the president.

The next time you get in trouble with your boss for slacking off, show him the science! Cat videos can actually help with workplace health!

Next time you click on one of those adorable links from, you’ll know it’s for your health and happiness too!! :)

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Via: Huffington Post


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